GCCU Products & Services

GCCU Products & Services


 Qualifying Shares

 1. A member must purchase ten (10) qualifying shares at $5.00 per share.

 2. An additional thirty (30) shares within the first six (6) months of membership. (These forty (40) shares represents your qualifying shares). 


Your qualifying shares is saying that you are a part owner of the Gateway Co-operative Credit Union Limited (GCCU).   This also presents your permanent capital and therefore they cannot be withdrawn.  However, they can be transferred to the qualifying shares of a new or existing member of the Credit Union upon termination of your membership.  Once you have purchased these shares we welcome you to the Gateway Co-operative Credit Union.


 Regular/Equity Shares

  1. This account is intended for long term savings. 

  2. Can be used to secure any future expense

  3.  Cost per share is $5.000.00

 4. For withdrawals of $1,000.00 and under one (1) month notice must be given to the Credit Union via letter and withdrawals over $1,000.00 three (3) months notice must be given.


 Regular Deposits/Savings

  1. Interest of 3% paid semi-annual i.e June and December of every year

  2. Intended to meet everyday expenses

  3. Free to deposit and withdraw as you wish


 Fixed Deposit

 Save money for when you really need it

1. Start up with a minimum deposit of $1,000.00

2. Interest rates range from 3%-5% depending on the number of years your money is being invested for.




Share Loan

 1. You must have the equivalent in either regular shares or regular saving of the amount that you want to borrow.

 2. Share Loan form filled out in entirety.

 3. Same day approval

 4. One percent (1%) loan fee


 Other Loans

  We offer other loans for 

  1. Mortgages

  2. Vehicle Purchase

  3. Medicals

  4. House Renovations

  5. Debt Consolidation

  6. Vacation

  7. Education etc.



 For more information regarding our products and services please contact our office.










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Where to find us

    Gateway Assembly

    Contact Us

    10 + 9 =

    Gateway Assembly,
    P.O. Box. 1452,
    Grand Anse,
    St. George,

    Phone: (473) 439-2909

    Email: office@gatewaygda.org

    The church office Opens

    Monday- Friday

    8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Sunday Morning Services begins at 9:00 a.m.