My baby is learning to walk. I have to hold her, and she clings to my fingers because she is unsteady on her feet. She is afraid of slipping, but I am three to steady her and watch over her.  As she walks with my help, her eyes sparkle with gratitude, happiness, and security.  But sometimes she cries when I don’t let her take dangerous paths, not realizing that I am protecting her.

Like my baby girl, we often need someone to watch over us, to guide and steady us in our spiritual walk.  And we have that someone – God our Father who helps His children learn to walk, guide our steps, holds our hand, and keeps us on the right path.

King David knew all about the need for God’s watchful care in his life.  In Psalm 18 he describes how God gives us strength and guidance when we are lost or confused (v.32).  He keeps our feet steady, like the feet of the deer that can climb high places without slipping (v.33).  And if we do slip, His hand is there for us (v.35).

Whether we are new believers just learning to walk in the faith or we are further along in our walk with God, all of us need His guiding, steadying hand.

Keila Ochoa

Dear Father, hold my hand and lead me in the paths of right living.

God watches over me every step of the way.


Taken from Our Daily Bread Devotional 2017