GCCU Products & Services

GCCU Products & Services

Qualifying Shares

A member must purchase ten (10) shares when signing up for membership and an additional thirty (30) shares within the first six (6) months of membership. These forty (40) shares represents your qualifying shares.  This is saying that you are a part owner of the Gateway Co-operative Credit Union Limited (GCCU).   This also presents your permanent capital and therefore they cannot be withdrawn.  However, they can be transferred to a member of the Credit Union upon termination of your membership. 

Regular/Ordinary Shares

This account is intended for long term savings.  We encourage you to save regularly in this account as it can be used to secure any future expenses that you may have.  The cost per share is only $5.00.  Shares earn dividends which are usually paid every year unless otherwise specified.

 For more information regarding purchasing shares please contact our office.


Regular Deposits/Savings

It is intended for savings to meet your everyday expenses; as such, you are free to deposit and withdraw as you wish. If you unable to come into our office you can always send a salary deduction as a sure way to save. When you save with us, 4% interest is paid semi-annually.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and save with us.


Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit allows you to save a money for when you really need it.  It could be a vacation or cruise. To open a fixed deposit with us, you must deposit a minimum of $1,000.00.  Fixed Deposits invested for 1 year earns 3% interest; 2 years 3.5%; 3 years 4%; 4 years 4.25%; 5 years 4.5%; 6 years 4.75% and 7 years 5%.  How every long you choose to stay, and the end of the specified period you earn interest and the original amount of your deposit.  You can also choose to reinvest or transfer you funds.




Share Loans

We offer share loans for whatever situation that may arise in your life.


Requirements for Share loans

  1. You must have the equivalent in either regular shares or regulary savings of the amount that you want to borrow.
  2. Share loan form filled out in entirety.
  3. One 1% loan processing fee.
  4. Signed promissory note.

Other Loans

We offer loans for:

  1. Mortgages
  2. Vehicle Purchase
  3. Medical
  4. Construction/Renovations
  5. Debt Consolidation
  6. Vacation
  7. Study etc.

Requirements for obtaining other loans:

  1. Loan Application form filled out in entirety.
  2. Fifteen percent (10%) of the requested amount deposited to either your regular shares or regular savings account.
  3. Two (2) recent Pay slip and a Job letter.
  4. Additional documents depending on the type of loan. (Further info can be sought at our office).
  5. Additional security for loan e.g. bill of sale, co-maker etc.
  6. Two (2%) loan processing fee if loan is approved.
  7. Signed promissory note.


Telephone: 439-5637
Cell: 534-5637
Email: gccu@gatewaygda.org

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