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Our School

Welcome to the Gateway Christian Academy. Gateway Christian Academy is the first school of the P.A.W.I Grenada district. It was founded by the pastor of the Gateway Assembly Adrian Banfield and his wife Eudine Banfield on September 6th 2003. Gateway Christian Academy is located in Point Salines, St.George’s.

Pastor Banfield (Administrator of the school) saw the need to teach Godly principles to our children and so embraced the challenge of starting a Christian school. The school is a ministry of the Gateway Assembly INC, and is efficiently governed by a School Board; who are ultimately the primer decision making body. Teachers and monitors all give aid to the children in their everyday activities.

 The Curriculum

At the G.C.A, we utilize the ABeka teaching program, for more information on the Abeka Curriculum; please visit their website at www.abeka.com. This is a very traditional approach to learning which focuses on the student’s learning ability. With Abeka, students first master one basic skill at a time before moving onto another. This builds a strong foundation for moving ahead in each subject area.


General Information:

Pre School

A world of fun and excitement awaits your 2+ year old as they venture into the world of shapes, colours, letters and sound with Amber Lamb and Button Bear. This is a wonderful program that allows your preschooler to have fun while learning.


The Gateway Christian Academy is open to accept anyone once they are willing to submit to the standards and policies of the school.

Parents of potential students are required to attend an orientation meeting before the child is admitted into the school. Parents must present the child’s immunization card, two passport sized pictures, the completed registration form and parent-school agreement.

 Registration fee is $100 (non-refundable). School tuition fee is $450 per child and $855.00 for two (2) children.

Attendance/ Punctuality

School hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 2 pm. Every student must attend school on a regular basis. A written excuse must be presented to the teacher if a child is late or absent.

Contact information

Phone: 439-5151

Email: gatewayacademy@spiceisle.com