Our Pastor

Pastor Adrian Banfield has been transferred from (PAOC) Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada into (PAWI) Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies, July 2000. He was installed at Calliste Pentecostal Church December 24, 2000. Under his leadership the name was changed to Gateway Assembly. Under the new name the pastor led this Assembly into a building program.

In 2003 new property was acquired and plans for new facilities were being drawn. In September 7, 2004 hurricane Ivan struck and plans were postponed.
Pastor Banfield influenced the start of a Christian, Church School in September 2003 and later registered “Gateway Co-operative Credit Union, to promote thrift among the members of Gateway, with the hope that all PAWI member Assemblies in the District would benefit later.

Pastor Banfield attended Gospel Crusade’s Institute of Ministry and was awarded “Able Minister” also earned the “Bachelor of Theology” (BTH) at (EPBC) Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, (now known as Master’s Seminary), Peterborough, Ontario. He pastored both in Toronto and Winnipeg before the call to Grenada.

Pastor Banfield sees himself as “Purpose Driven” and is leading Gateway Assembly to make a difference by meeting needs in our community. His credentials are held with PAWI and he also serves as District Treasurer. His hobbies are fishing and reading.