Gateway Credit Union

Our Motto ” Don’t loose your money;use your money”

The Gateway Co-operative Credit union limited exists to help everyone. Since financial stability is important to everyone we would like to ensure that you SAVE your hard earn dollar in a safe investment. Gateway Co-operative Credit union provides such an environment.

It objectives are as follows:

  • To promote thrift among its members by providing ways and means whereby savings can be effective and whereby shares in the society can be acquired
  • To create out of the savings of its members and other business of the society a source of credit available to it members
  • To educate its members on the co-operative principles and methods, in family financial management


All you need to be a member is no younger than sixteen and a Grenadian who live and work in Grenada. That’s how easy it is so what are you waiting on sign up with the Gateway Co-operative Credit union your financial safety depends on it. You can save or buy shares

We offer:

• Home owner’s plan – Set your goals and start today
• House holder’s plan – Why waste your hard earned cash on high interest “payment Plans”
• Development Education plan – What is the future of your child worth?
• Savings loan plan – What great ways to build security..

For more information you can call or contact us at: Gateway Assembly’s Church office at 439-2909