When our kids were young, we took a trip to northern Wisconsin to visit with my grandparents.  They didn’t get very good reception on their television, I had seen our son Scott fiddling with the TV set for a while, he asked with frustration, “What do you do if you can get only one channel and you don’t like what’s on that one?”

“Try turning it off,” I said with a smile.  Not exactly the advice he was hoping for.  It’s even more difficult to do now, especially when there are so many devices that entertain, inform and distract us.

Sometimes we do need to just turn it off and rest our minds for a little while; we simply need to “unplug”.  Jesus drew aside for a time – especially when he wanted to take time to pray (Matt 14:14).  He encouraged the disciples to step away as well – even for a brief time (Mark 6:31).  That kind of solitude and time for reflection is beneficial for each of us.  In those moments we are able to draw near to God.

Follow the example and wisdom of Christ.  Get away by yourself and “get some rest.”  It will be good for your body, mind and spirit.


Lord, help me to seek those things which are from above.  I want to turn off all that distracts me and draw near to you.


Turning down the volume of life allows you to listen carefully to God.