How can you find God’s will for your life? Let me give you the six C’s of Divine Guidance.

  1. Commit your decision to the Lord in prayer.
  2. Open the covers of the Bible and seek Scriptural direction. Even on totally secular decisions, there’s something about Bible study that tends to point the way for us.
  3. Seek the counsel of those who know more about the matter than you do. The Bible says, “In a multitude of counselors there is safety.”
  4. Fourth, what are the circumstances indicating?
  5. And then, very often, an inner conviction will begin to develop. The Holy Spirit helps us instinctively know what to do.
  6. Finally, contemplate the issue. Think it through. God gave each of us a brain, and He expects us to use it to arrive at a wise and sanctified decision.

In the process, His divine guidance extends over our lives, and we can say,

“He leadeth me in paths of righteousness. He leads me in the right paths.” (Psalm 23 – The Cure for “Nerves”)

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